Pink Shirt Day

Reynolds Pink Shirt Day Wednesday, February 22, 2017

This year, more than ever, the themes of Pink Shirt Day appear to have exponential resonance for people on a local and global scale. We have incorporated some new initiatives to add to our annual favorites.  Recently, I took some senior Reynolds students to our main  ‘Family of Schools’ middle schools (Cedar Hill and Arbutus) where the younger students signed large paper T-shirts which now adorn the gym and hallways at our school.

Our school-wide assembly on Pink Shirt Day featured the world famous guest speaker, Travis Price. He was one of the two young men who started the Pink Shirt Day movement in Eastern Canada years ago.  In addition to students and staff at our school, we continue to invite our community partners to sign Anti-Bully Pledge Sheets, including a variety of categories of First Responders, community businesses, government employees and post-secondary institutions (new this year).  Again, there are hundreds of Pledge Sheets on the wall.

Thank you for your support in this very special, public and important event.

Heather Benson, Counsellor, Pink Shirt Day Coordinator