R Block

R Block is intentional time and space in the Reynolds weekly schedule to build school community through developing relationships and connecting students to their learning.

Some topics we will look at include:


  • 30 min every Friday between blocks A & B
  • Grade 9 R Block classes
  • Grade 10 – 12 R Block classes


  • Attendance
  • R block is instructional time – not free time, not study time
  • Lessons and assignments
  • Goal Setting
  • Self-assessment of core compencies and goals
  • Participation and Contribution
  • Will appear on your report cards
  • Treat R Block as any other class at Reynolds… arrive on time and prepared to learn, listen and contribute!
  • Ideas or suggestions? Talk to your R Block teacher!

Updates to the Kindergarten to Grade 12 Ministry of Education and Child Care Reporting Policy requires student self-assessment and goal setting in all grades in at least 3 written reports. Students self-assessment of Core Competencies and goal setting promotes student responsibility over their learning and helps foster the mindset of lifelong learning. The comments in R block for terms 1 and 3 are goals generated by students. The comments and work habits for R block in terms 2 and 4 are a self-assessment of the core competencies generated by students. This student-centered reporting practice gives every student input into their learning, including where they go next. 

Additional Information: