2021-2022 Programs of Choice Information Evening

Our Programs of Choice Information Evening is scheduled for Thursday, January 7, 2021 and will be presented by our Centre for Soccer Excellence (CSE) program (7:00 p.m.) and our Flexible Studies program (French Immersion option at 7:30 p.m. and the English option at 8:00 p.m.)

Zoom Link Summary: More detailed information below

FLEX English option: https://gvsd61.zoom.us/j/61279458702?pwd=TkZYdTNXWGxhRlBUYXlQRElaZytrQT09

FLEX French option: https://gvsd61.zoom.us/j/67605975189?pwd=cVlPZ3hQLzh3Q09lWm5ia3BHbXgxQT09

CSE Video Presentation:  https://gvsd61.zoom.us/j/63180696321?pwd=RXlnUlhZWlA0UXoxOGVFeUdDRnBOQT09


The Centre for Soccer Excellence program will be providing a presentation video about the program. You can familiarize yourself with the CSE program using this link: http://www.reynoldscse.com/index.html

2021-2022 CSE Applications can be found on our school website.  Click on the following link: https://reynolds.sd61.bc.ca/programs-courses/centre-for-soccer-excellence Applications deadline is January 22, 2021.

The CSE Program Zoom Video presentation will begin at 7:00pm on January 7, and can be joined by clicking on this link:



The Flexible Studies program has created information videos to complement their upcoming Zoom presentations on January 7th. The Zoom sessions will provide an opportunity for prospective applicants and their families to meet the Flex teachers and to ask any questions they might have about the program. The videos below are intended to be viewed prior to the Zoom session, but it is not a requirement to do so. You can also further familiarize yourself with the Flex program on our website.

The French Immersion option for the Flexible Studies program has one video. This video (click here) provides an introduction to how the Flexible Studies program can support students while they are enrolled in the French Immersion program at Reynolds Secondary. It is our hope that our video will provide you with some insight as to how the Flex program works with in conjunction with the French Immersion program to provide some aspects of Flex. We look forward to connection with you during our zoom meeting on Thursday, January 7th, 2021.

The French Immersion option Zoom session starts at 7:30pm and will be about 30 minutes long. It can be joined by clicking below:

FRIM option of Flex Zoom presentation Presented by Brad Cunningham/Courtney Campbell

The English option of the Flexible Studies program has two videos, one that serves as a brief overview of the program and one that is a detailed exploration of all the program has to offer. As Flex is a lived experience with a lot of moving parts coming together to create the whole, our more detailed video is 55 minutes (click here). If you were to only watch one video, this would be the one to watch. This was our best attempt to provide you the experience of visiting us at Reynolds, even though, sadly, we don’t have that option at this time. We have also created a shorter version (click here) (19 minutes) for anyone just interested in a shorter overview of the program, but we do feel it is missing some important examples and discussions. Hopefully our passion for what we do is evident in hearing us speak about Flex and either video will provide you with enough information to ask any additional questions during our zoom meeting on Thursday, January 7th, 2021.

The English option Zoom session starts at 8:00pm and will be about 60 minutes long. It can be joined by clicking below:

English option of Flex Zoom presentation  Presented by Brad Cunningham/Heather Coey/Greg Downing



The Flexible Studies program online applications can be found here. A printable version can be found here. It is the same application for both the English option and the French Immersion option. The application deadline is January 22, 2021.