Assessments information

Graduation assessments are required by the ministry to fulfill graduation requirements. Students who are enrolled in Math 11 will be required to write the Numeracy 10 Assessments, and students who are enrolled in an English 10 course (Literary Studies, Spoken Language, New Media, Composition or Creative Writing 10) will be required to write the Literacy 10 Assessment.

If your student is enrolled in either a Math 11 or English 10 course in Quarter 1, the assessments will be written between November 2-6.  Teachers will be letting their classes know which day and time they are writing as well.

The following classes will be writing on the following days:

Date Teacher and Class Room Arrive at
Monday Nov 2 Danielle Bolton’s New Media 10 block C/D 202 12:00pm
Tues Nov 3 Nicole Steeve’s Creative Writing 10 block C/D 207 12:00pm
  Kyla Belvedere’s Literary Studies 10 block C/D Annex C West 12:00pm
Wed Nov 4 Eric Van Moll’s FOM 11 block A/B – group 1 111 8:15am
Thurs Nov 5 Ariel Muirhead’s Composition 10 Flex block C/D Annex C East 12:00pm
Friday Nov 6 Ross Gilbert’s Pre-Calculus 11 block C/D Room 113 8:15am
  Greg Sivertson’s Pre-Calculus 11 block A/B Group1 217 8:15am
  Greg Sivertson’s Pre-Calculus 11 block A/B Group 2 218 8:15am
  Ian Bush’s/Lynnae Ness’ New Media 10 block A/B Annex D 8:15am

Grade 12 students this year, will only be required to write the Numeracy 10 assessment, if you have not written the Numeracy 10 assessment please email Amanda Chan at

Grade 12s who have not written will write on Friday, January 29 on Curriculum Completion Day. More information to come close to the date.

Please see the following links for practice assessments and information on both the Numeracy and Literacy Assessments:

Information on Numeracy Assessment

Information on Literacy Assessment