The Flexible Studies Program

Nationally recognized by the Canadian Education Association for innovation in teaching and learning, the Flexible Studies program is designed for students interested in a structured, experiential learning approach to education, where students engage with their peers, teachers, community and environment as they aspire for academic and personal growth.

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The Flexible Studies Program uses the acronym VOICES to summarize our educational philosophy. We believe that providing opportunities for students to engage with content in meaningful and relevant ways, to explore their own ideas and questions, and to share all of this with our community, will result in students who are highly engaged in their educational experience.

Voice & Choice
Outdoors & Nature
Inquiry & Innovation
Community & Culture
Environment & Relationships
Service to others

A Flexible Studies Program student is someone who is willing to challenge themselves; willing to learn from their peers; willing to work in groups and as an individual, sometimes without a teacher over their shoulder; willing to start over; cares more about the process than the grade; is willing to ask questions and seek help when needed; is willing to take risks when supported by teachers and peers; wants to be curious and has a sense of wonder.

The Flexible Studies Program believes in the pursuit of personal academic excellence and providing opportunities to develop leadership qualities, supporting this at a personal level for each of our students. The teachers in the Flexible Studies Program will support our students as they pursue the many post-secondary options available to them.

If you have further questions about the Flexible Studies Program, please contact Brad Cunningham, Department Head, at