The Flexible Studies Program


The Flexible Studies Program uses the acronym VOICES to summarize our educational philosophy. In providing opportunities for students to engage with content in meaningful and relevant ways, to explore ideas and questions of their determination, and to share all of this with our community, we believe that students will be engaged and engrossed with their education.

Courses and Timetables

Students in the Flexible Studies program complete their grade nine and ten curricular competencies for English, Social Studies, Science, Environmental Science, Career Life Education, and an Independent Directed Study in a structured inquiry-driven model of learning. Mathematics is completed in a grade specific, semestered class.

Students experience a wide variety of learning environments. Some of examples of the variety of learning environments students have experience in the past few years include:

  • direct instruction from a teacher in a classroom environment
  • listening to members of the community share their stories
  • author talks and writing workshops
  • week-long Poet-In-Residence workshops
  • month-long projects working with the Royal BC Museum
  • individual time to explore a Passion Project of the students’ choosing
  • exploring local ecosystems (i.e., partnering with Swan Lake Nature Sancturary) and restoring a the Garry Oak ecosystem at Reynolds as part of our Environmental Science course
  • overnight camping trips (i.e., a weekend trip to Saturna Island Marine Research & Education Society)

        Senior Pathways

Flexible Studies program students will continue with Flex Service 11 and 12. As there are many additional course options for students at Reynolds when entering their senior years, we want to remain flexible to ensure students can take advantage of courses that will meet their personal needs. With that said, we have some recommended choices for Flexible Studies students who want to continue with a similar philosophy of learning in their senior subjects:

  • Human Biochemistry and Physiology 11/12—A full year course where students receive credit for both Chemistry 11 & Biology 12  (could be taken in either grade 11 or 12)
  • Indigenous Studies 11/12—A course which weaves English First Peoples and B.C. First Peoples together and students are in the course all morning for one semester.
  • Harvest Box Program and Garden Club
  • Leadership 11/12