Reynolds 2024 Ski Trip

Reynolds Ski Trip

We’re almost there!!

When?  January 30, 2024
Where? Mt. Washington

– Leave Reynolds at 5am sharp. Be sure to get there at least a half hour early.

– Arrive back at Reynolds at 6:15pm
– This Day-trip is on our Curriculum Completion Day. Students must be in good standing to attend. Teachers may request students to attend school that day if assignments or tests have not been completed or written.

SOLD OUT!! (Waitlist is full)

Our school will be holding a day trip to Mt. Washington on Tuesday, January 30, 2024. The trip is at the end of Semester 1 on the Curriculum Completion Day. Only students in good standing in their Semester 1 classes will be able to attend the trip. Classes for Semester 1 are officially over, but teachers may request students to attend to hand in overdue assignments and/or write tests that have been missed.  There are 50 seats available and will be available on a first come/first served basis.


A Vancouver Island Coachlines Bus will take students and staff up to Mt. Washington. The bus will leave at 5am sharp to arrive on the mountain by 8:30am.

  • Beginner Lessons are at 10am
  • Intermediate & Advanced lessons are at 1pm

The bus will load back up at 2:30pm from Mt. Washington and arrive back at Reynolds at 6:15pm.


Fees can be paid online and are dependent on individual students’ needs for the day.  All students must pay for a lesson as part of our package.  The following options are available for purchase on School Cash Online:

Bus, Lesson & day lift pass $130

Bus, Lesson, day lift pass & rentals $159

Bus & Lesson (student has own Mt. Washington pass)  $111

Fees must be paid by January 14th.   Forms must also be returned by January 14th.


  • The Mt. Washingtong Registration/Google Form must be filled out to provide the info to Mt. Washington. The Google Form must be filled out by January 14th.  The School District 61 permission form must also be completed.
  • 6 Reynolds Staff will chaperone the trip. 1 Staff will be in the lodge and others on the mountain.
  • Please pack a big/bag lunch, as it will be a long day, or bring money to buy food at the cafeteria or lodge.
  • Bring several loonies for lockers if you want to lock away valuables in the lodge.
  • Please see the documents attached from Mt Washington for more info about what to bring and what to expect.

Assumption of Risks:

*I am aware that skiing, snowboarding, Nordic skiing, skiboarding and snowshoeing involve risks, dangers and hazards and that injuries are a common and ordinary occurrence of these sports.

Skiing: I understand that the ski boot/binding system may not release during every fall or may release unexpectedly. The ski boot/binding system is no guarantee that the user will not be injured.

Snowboarding, /Nordic/Telemarking/Skiboard/Snowshoe: I understand that the boot/binding system is not designed or intended to release and will not release under normal circumstances. I understand that as the boot/binding system is a non-release system this system will not reduce the risk of injury during a fall and will increase the risk of not surviving an avalanche.

Helmets: I understand that a helmet designed for RECREATIONAL SNOW SPORTS use will help reduce the risk of some types of injuries to the user at slower speeds. I recognize that serious injury or death can result from both low and high energy impacts, even when a helmet is worn.


Mt. Washington Online Registration form (Required)

School District 61 permission form – Print and sign (Required)

Mt. Washington Parents Guide/Information brochure

*This trip is non-refundable except for the following:

**  If your student cannot make the trip, we will try to fill their slot with another student.  If we are able to do so, a full refund will be available.  If we are not able, there will be no refund.

*** Potential cancelation: In the event that there is not enough snow on the mountain, the trip may be canceled.  The bus company requires the decision  be made by January 15th.  If the trip is canceled for this reason a full refund will be given.